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    •   Visual APL: APL comes to the Visual Studio environment

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JUNE 19, Toronto
  APL Borealis Presents...
    The 2015 Spring APL+RoundUp!

    A focused Workshop featuring highlights of recent APL+Win features, integration with leading technologies, and other useful techniques

    FREE! (for APL Borealis / APL subscribers, $199 otherwise, and a refundable payment on your next purchase!)

    Downtown Toronto - Friday, June 19th - lunch included

    APL+Win excels as a high productivity development platform for business applications in the Windows environment. In the past several years, the APL2000 Team has released a number of key features that can enhance your APL systems in several ways. But we know the learning curve is steep, so in this intensive part-day workshop, we will explore these new items and discuss how they can be used now to bring your legacy APL applications into the modern world, or, help you develop state-of-the-art IT solutions with a product you already know (and love!).

    * RSVP is Essential *

    Please see the Full Agenda for complete details.

Product News   APL+Win

   see The APL2000 website for details, including:

  • High Productivity programming platform
  • Full Integration - with Excel, .Net, VisualStudio, Web, and more...
  • Multi-Core, Multi-Thread Processing Support
  • Platforms include: MSWindows, Unix

       Call us at: 1-866-888-6377 or email: info@aplborealis.com for pricing, or product and upgrade details.

Product News   Dyalog APL

   see The Dyalog website for details, including:

  • Advanced APL Application development platform
  • Full Integration - with Excel, .Net, Unicode, Web, and more...
  • Complex Numbers; 128-bit Decimal
  • Object Oriented: Defined Classes in APL
  • 64-Bit Version: no limit on workspace size
  • Platforms include: MSWindows, IBM AIX, Linux, 32-bit ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi)

   Call us at: 1-866-888-6377 or email: info@aplborealis.com for pricing, or product and upgrade details.

Product News   Visual APL

   see The Visual APL website for details, including:

  • Integration with Visual Studio
  • Legacy APL code that is ISO compliant runs in Visual APL.
  • 100% managed code
  • Edit complex data structures and objects as XML
  • Support for third party System Quads and primitives written in any .Net language
  • Supports creating namespaces and classes
  • Visual APL can be a project in any .Net solution in Visual Studio
  • The Visual APL Engine
  • and more...

   Call us at: 1-866-888-6377 or email: info@aplborealis.com for pricing or product details.

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