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    Welcome to APL Borealis

    Based in Toronto, we are Canada's leading supplier of APL software products, services, training and support. In 2001, APL Borealis was formed when Brian Oliver and Richard Procter acquired the APL services and product distribution business formerly supplied by The Braegen Group, Toronto.

    Our Mission is to provide quality and timely APL product, training, support, and consulting services to our customers. Also, we work to expand the base of APL software users and support services in Canada, and encourage the development of APL expertise through conferences and training programs.

    In addition, besides APL expertise, we continue to explore new and innovative software solutions for our customers. The latest of these includes ContentKeeper, a new and fully-scalable Web Content Filtering product for Corporations, Governments, and Institutions, which uses a patented, globally-meshed, hourly-updated URL collection process to provide THE most effective coverage of non-business websites available.

    • Distributors for APL2000 / APL+Win and Dyalog Ltd. APL Products  
    • More than 50 years of combined APL expertise (since 1972)  
    • Software development and consulting services - small or large systems  
    • APL training - 10+ years experience, all levels including Windows GUI systems  
    • Distributors for ContentKeeper - Web Filtering software

    Why Choose APL Borealis?

    • major focus on APL
    • immediate support response
    • fully developed support and training services
    • strong links to the APL community and backup resources
    • conference experience, bringing APL technology to the local marketplace
    • expertise that goes well beyond the shrink-wrap box

      Call us today to discuss your APL software requirements:

      tel: (416) 707-1175
      toll-free: 1-866-888-6377
      email: info@aplborealis.com