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APL Borealis presents...

A 3-day training course on:

APL+Win - Windows/GUI Programming Techniques

Wednesdays, June 5, 12 and 19, 9am to 5pm

at the CTC Computer Training Centre, 4 King St. West, suite 1520, Toronto

This course is offered as a 3-day hands-on session, split over three weeks. Our facility will have PCs equipped with APL+Win 4.0, plus other Microsoft Office tools such as Excel and Access in order to demonstrate some APL connectivity to other applications. Day 1 of the course will feature selected prerequisite topics in Advanced APL. Days 2 and 3 focus on GUI and Windows techniques. Students may register for all three course days, or Days 2&3 only.

To Register:

Please contact Richard Procter, APL Borealis - Training, home/office: 705-434-1239 or rjp@aplborealis.com

Course Outline

Day 1 - APL+Win - Advanced Topics

Day 1 is a precursor to the following Windows/GUI part of the course. It covers selected advanced topics in APL including:

1. Enclosed Arrays / Nested Arrays

  Extensions to Existing Primitives Other Useful Techniques - When to Use Simple vs. Enclosed?
  Enclose/Disclose Lookups/Indexing
  Strand Notation Argument Passing
  Each Operator Table-driven Code
  Enclose with Axis Workspace Items and Tables Management
  Split Partitioning
  Mix Summary
  Partitioning / Partitioned Enclose  
  Indexed Assignment, Scalar Extension  

2. Event Handling - Execution of APL Code


The Execution Stack

APL+Win Event Handling


Event Handling, Error Trapping - in General




Stop and Trace



Run-time APL systems


Cutting Back the Stack


Error Message


3. Performance and Efficiency


APL Data Types


Object Size and Datatype


Performance Analysis


Diagnosing Performance Problems


Workspace "Caching" / Parallel Processing


Files and Workspace Performance

4. Idioms/Utilities


APL+Win Utility Workspaces


Other Utilities


]UCMDS - User Command Processor


Date Logic



Day 2 - APL GUI Programming Techniques

APL GUI Programming 101

Windows GUI Programming - in Detail

Day 3 - Review, Exercises, and Other Topics

The objective of Day 3 will be to review previous items, and create some fully-developed GUI examples which cover the main issues encountered in typical applications. Other topics can then be explored for the remainder of the day as time allows and focusing on the more popular items.

1. Review exercises and questions from Day 2

2. Further exercises focusing on specific GUI items, eg. menus, toolbar, grid, tabbar, fonts, MDI

3. Selected Topics from the following (as time allows, some of these are large topics):

For more information, please contact:

APL Borealis Inc.
tel: (416) 457-7828
fax: (416) 482-6582