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Dyalog.NET - APL and the Microsoft .NET Framework

Our presentation will begin with the basic features and benefits of Microsoft .NET and how they may be accessed using APL. All classroom computers will be equipped with the full Microsoft .NET Framework SDK software and Dyalog.NET APL systems.

We then Learn How To:

What Is Dyalog.NET?

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a highly object-oriented technology whose functionality is implemented in terms of .NET Classes. With Dyalog.NET you can:

For More Information about Dyalog.NET and the .NET Framework, please visit the Dyadic website at www.dyadic.com


Workshop space is limited, please book early! Please contact us at APL Borealis for details.

Price: Can.$395, plus GST. (or US$245 +tax)
Payment options: cheque, Visa, MasterCard

Or, attend both this and our Nov.1st Workshop: Excel and APL - "Under the Hood" for C$695+tax.
(next day, same location, see www.aplborealis.com for details)

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