APL Borealis and Dyalog Ltd. are pleased to present...

"Dialogue with Dyalog"

Integrating Dyalog APL into the Business Environment


July 29th, downtown Toronto, featuring...


Morten Kromberg and Daniel Baronet, Dyalog Ltd.


An afternoon of presentations, showing the numerous Advanced Features

of Dyalog APL and how it can power your business applications


Location: Learning Tree Intl., 1 Dundas Street W., 10th Floor, Toronto (Yonge & Dundas)

Date/Time: Thursday, July 29th, 1:00pm to 5:30pm

Cost: Free; refreshments provided


Dyalog APL is packed with a wealth of features and functionality - making it one of the most productive software development platforms available.

And the hits keep coming! The Dyalog development team continues its busy pace, recently adding many new features to facilitate integration of APL into the modern business environment.

Join us for an afternoon of presentations, discussion and feedback on these latest features and see first-hand how they can work for you!

Morten Kromberg, Technical Director, will provide an overview of Dyalog's worldwide strategic direction, take us through the last several years of Dyalog APL key features, and show how legacy users can revitalize their applications with modern Dyalog tools and techniques.

Daniel Baronet, now a member of the Dyalog team, will demonstrate recent Dyalog features that make Dyalog APL the tool of choice for modern application development and integration.

Presentations will include:


    Dyalog corporate overview, strategic directions, a growing worldwide customer & application base

    Platform options and support - from running legacy applications to high-performance systems

    Pricing and Support - for new and existing users

    Transition from other APLs or other systems - modernize any application with Dyalog

    Features Roundup - a brief summary of Dyalog's long-standing application building blocks including .Net integration, OLE techniques, GUI object enhancements, Multi-Threading, the APL Session, performance enhancements and more...

    Latest Features - a summary of the most recent and exciting items including Object Orientation, new primitives, 64-bit and other platform support, Unicode support, built-in Charting, advanced Client/Server Communications, XML integration, advanced Editor, Component File Journaling, User Commands, Standalone Executables (.exe), and much more...


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RSVP or Further Info: Richard Procter, APL Borealis, tel: 1-866-888-6377

Brian Oliver, APL Borealis, tel: 416-488-7828

email: info@aplborealis.com