APL Borealis and APL2000 are pleased to present...

"Leveraging the APL Advantage"

Integrating APL2000 in the Actuarial Environment


November 17th, downtown Toronto, featuring...


Joe Blaze, Blaze SSI Corp. & APL2000


Sonia Beekman, APL2000


An afternoon of presentations on the very latest in APL technology

and APL2000 products, with special focus on Actuarial applications


Location: Hyatt Regency on King - 370 King Street West, Toronto

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 17th, 12-noon to 4:30pm

Cost: Free; buffet lunch included


*** RSVP: is essential ***

Space is limited - please contact us to register for this event as soon as possible.


"APL+Win" is a core APL2000 product for the Windows environment and continues to deliver one of the world's best development platforms for business applications. Come and see how!


Join us for a delicious lunch and an afternoon of presentations and discussion on the latest features of today's APL software development environment and Actuarial software expertise.


Joe Blaze, Managing Director APL2000, and Executive V.P. of BLAZE SSI Corp. will demonstrate how his company is continuing the 30-year history of successfully developing and marketing employee-benefit and actuarial software in the U.S.


Joe's presentations will focus especially on commercial Actuarial applications but will be applicable to all product developers. His topics will include Monte Carlo Simulation modelling, multi-threading and Multiple Processor technology for enhanced performance, IT integration for business applications, and more (see the agenda for details)


Sonia Beekman, Director of Sales & Marketing for APL2000, will provide an overview of APL2000 products and services, including APL+Win, APL+Unix/Linux, APL WebServices and VisualAPL.




RSVP or Further Info: Richard Procter, APL Borealis, tel: 705-434-1239

Brian Oliver, APL Borealis, tel: 416-457-7828

email: info@aplborealis.com

AGENDA - Leveraging the APL Advantage - Nov. 17, Toronto


12:00 Noon 1:00 PM Drop-in Lunch

         Meet APL2000 and APL Borealis

         Products demos available for viewing


1:00 PM 2:30 PM Joe Blaze, Managing Director, APL2000

Background Information

         Academic and actuarial experiences with APL

         Building the commercial APL application systems marketed by BLAZE SSI Corp.

         Evaluations of APL vs. other programming technology in 1982, 1992, 2000 and 2005

         The APL Advantage: source code invariance; ease of development and maintenance by domain experts; excellent performance on large data sets; reduced lines of code


Some Next Big Thing(s)

  • Multi-processors
  • Multi-threaded (asynchronous) design
  • Parallel programming techniques
  • An example: Monte Carlo Simulation with APL: What is Monte Carlo Simulation?; Model Example: Framingham heart disease factors study; Model Definition: Individual trial calculation identified and modeled; Program flow control of the multiple trial engine; Randomly-selected inputs; Distribution of trial computation to processing threads; Event-driven handling of trial failure or completion; Results consolidation; Evaluation of convergence or reliability measure; GUI capturing input and presentation of results

         Practical Element: Quality of Random Inputs; Generating Random Numbers; Mathematical methods, e.g LeCuyer; Electro-optical methods

         Practical Element: Performance: Single-threaded computation; APL+Win []MF analysis; Implementing parallel computation; Using APL WebServices and the APL+Win ActiveX Interface for multi-threaded, multi-processor performance gains

         How many trials: Convergence or divergence; From Bortkiewitsch to Kolmogorov



2:30 PM 3:30 PM Sonia Beekman, Director of Sales & Marketing, APL2000

Overview of APL2000 Products and Services



         APL WebServices

         APL+UNIX / APL+ Linux

         APL Database Interface Tools



3:30 PM 4:00 PM Afternoon Break

         Open discussion with attendees


4:00 PM 4:30 PM Joe Blaze

Adding to the APL Advantage Choosing the right tools

         APL WebServices to expose APL-based application systems to web-based clients

         Linking Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation GUI to APL

         VisualAPL for the fully-managed .Net environment

         n-Tiered application design, the newest book on APL application system design by Ajay Askoolum System Building with APL+Win

         Presenting APL-generated results in the Excel and Pdf formats

         The APL2000 Forum at http://forum.apl2000.com/