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AAADev2004 - Advanced APL Application Development

Workshops - October 5, 6 and 7, 2004 - Toronto

A three-day intensive, "hands-on" focus on key APL techniques - past, present and future. Join us for one, two or all three days of this suite of APL workshops, featuring:

Date and Location:
October 5, 6 and 7
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
CTC Computer Training Centre
4 King Street West, Suite 1520, Toronto

1. Richard Procter - APL Borealis - APL specialist
2. Brian Oliver - APL Borealis - APL specialist
3. Jon Capps, dataReference Inc., TX - web services specialist (Day 3)
4. Chris Greaves - Excel/VB/Windows specialist (Day 2)



Registration Form

Please contact us to register immediately, or to indicate your level of interest. Or, send your name and payment, and indicate which workshops you wish to attend.

Detailed Workshop Outlines

Day - 1 : APL Technical Tune-Up - Tues. Oct. 5

A one-day intensive course focusing on the key elements needed to develop efficient and maintainable APL systems.

Workshop attendees may use and install APL+Win or Dyalog APL on the classroom PC, and the workshop will provide usage details for these techniques for both products.


1) Enclosed Arrays

2) Performance and Efficiency

3) Event Handling, Debugging and Coding Techniques

4) Utilities, Wheels Already Invented

5) Maintainable APL Code

Day - 2: Excel, ADO and APL - Under the Hood - Wed. Oct. 6

Workshop attendees may use and install APL+Win or Dyalog APL on the classroom PC, and the workshop will provide usage details for these techniques for both products.

1) Introduction and Terminology

2) Excel Components

3) APL in Command - reading/writing Excel data from the APL environment

4) Excel and Visual Basic - key components and techniques

5) Excel in Command - the APL calculation engine

7) Fine Tuning - polishing the application for performance and functionality

8) ADO - Active Data Objects & APL

Day - 3: APL+WebServices - from Application to Implementation - Thurs. Oct. 7

This workshop focuses on products from APL2000 Inc. only.

Instructor: Jon Capps, is an APL and web services consultant based in Texas, with 25 years of background experience. He runs dataReference Inc., a software contracting company which does large scale MIS re-engineering projects, including the building of high speed computer architectures. Their experience includes large scale web systems for Texas Instruments, MBNA, Rapp Collins Worldwide, and Resident Data. These are large systems (50-60 GB databases, Oracle and SQL Server), usually n-tier (web farms running WLBS) and component services.

Jon has experience with applications and systems from a wide variety of business sectors including banking, energy, financial and manufacturing. While currently working in depth with Microsoft NET architectures and software, he has a background with IBM hardware as well as other programming environments such as Java and APL.

Jon recently got excited about APL again when WebServices was released, and has used it to create his latest venture: Talisman Games (www.talisman-games.com)

Workshop Outline (tentative)

APL WebServices


Web forms

Web applications



What is APL+WebServices ? (from the APL2000 website)

APL+WebServices (APLWS) is the Windows service that makes it easy to publish information on your intranet or the internet. APL+WebServices runs as a service. A service is a special program that runs in the background and performs certain tasks. The APL+WebServices not only receives HTTP requests but also activates other components such as APL Workspaces. APL+WebServices, for example, handles Web browser requests by sending requested Web pages back to the browsers. APLWS also provides the basis for providing web services to either clients or other servers, as well a providing a multi threaded communications layer for APL workspaces.

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