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"APL" is both A Programming Language, and an acronym for Array Processing Languages, such as APL, A+, J, K, Matlab, Mathematica, Nial, and S-Plus.

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Come Celebrate!

      APL@50, York University, Toronto, Nov. 1st, 2012

In 1962, a Canadian computer scientist Kenneth Iverson published his influential book "A Programming Language" -- launching one of the most innovative and influential early programming languages. This year, we celebrate the 50 Year mark! of the long and rich history of APL, at York University, Toronto.

On Thursday, November 1st, please join us and fellow colleagues for this free, one-day conference event, organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and York University Computer Museum. Our program includes lectures, demonstrations, photos, historical exhibits, and a discussion panel -- looking back at the APL legacy, and forward to the array language future. Invited speakers include Jim Brown, Eric Iverson, Gordon Ramer, and Jeffery Shallit.

Join us! Further details, program, and travel information can be found at the event website:

Dr. Kenneth E. Iverson :: 1920 - 2004

A note from Eric Iverson...

Globe & Mail tribute
Kenneth E. Iverson, a pioneer in the field of computer science, died on Tuesday, October 19th in Toronto, Canada. He was 83....

Globe & Mail - Obituary by J.Kapica, Oct. 25, 2004 KENNETH IVERSON, MATHEMATICIAN: 1920-2004
Canadian scientist created a notation system as a teaching aid. In 1962, IBM asked him to turn it into a programming language. The result was a computer breakthrough called APL

London Times - Obituary, Nov. 5, 2004
Charismatic mathematician who invented the APL computer programming language. A GIFTED mathematician and a charismatic teacher, Ken Iverson made a highly influential contribution to the field of computer science.

Le Monde - contribué par Sylvain Baron - Nov. 8, 2004
Kenneth Iverson, le père de l'un des premiers langages informatiques

Vector 21.2 will celebrate the life and work of Ken Iverson    from: Stephen Taylor
We plan to publish a review of his life and work, from Harvard & IBM through to J Software. We also want to ensure we cover his other work, in adult education, for example.
We'll also print personal memoirs from people who worked with him. If you worked with Ken Iverson and would like to share your remembrance of him, please send it to me at Vector ( by 30 November.
Best regards, Stephen Taylor, British APL Association

A Celebration of Kenneth Iverson at the Computer History Museum
Tuesday, November 30, 2004, Mountain View, CA
The creator of APL (A Programming Language) and J (J Language) will be remembered and celebrated in a series of talks presented by those who knew him well.

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