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    APL Training - General Information

    In order to offer courses, we ask that potential students indicate their preference for timeframe and course level. When a sufficient number of students have indicated their intent to attend a particular course, we will be pleased to schedule it.

    Courses may be held at your facility, or at our selected downtown Toronto location.

    For our location, space is often limited, so early registration is recommended (see below).

    Each student will have access to a PC, loaded with the Windows-based APL product of choice (eg, Dyalog APL or APL+Win). For students using other APL products at their place of business (eg. Sharp APL), course notes and discussion can be tailored to include the different syntax and features of these products. Students may also bring their own laptop computer, with APL installed, and use these during the course.

    Outlines for all APL Borealis courses are available here: Course Outlines

    Our courses can be customized to any degree for students who wish to focus on particular topics. Emphasis will be placed on in-class exercises which teach the fundamentals of the language, before moving on to more advanced topics.

    For those who have not yet received our recent pricing information for APL training, we will be pleased to forward that information on request. To register for any course, please indicate your intention as soon as possible, by phone, fax or email, and include the following details. Advance payment is required to confirm your registration.

    Student Name(s): ___________________________________

    Company: _______________________________

    Type of APL currently in use at work (product and version no.): ___________________

    Preferred APL product for training (eg. Dyalog, APL+Win or Sharp APL): ___________________

    Do you wish to use your own lap-top computer, with APL installed, for the course?: ___________________

    Are there any course topics beyond the standard outline that you would like to focus on?
    (note: extra topics will be discussed in the class as time permits, some topics are difficult to cover in depth without the necessary prerequisites.): ___________________

    Contact - Pricing

    Call us for a quote! For course pricing, and any APL Borealis training-related questions, please contact:

    Richard Procter
    email: richard.procter@aplborealis.com